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Custom Design

Regard Jewelry specializes in stunning one-of-a-kind custom jewelry designed just for you. With over 20 years of jewelry design and repair experience, our master jewelers collaborate with you to create exclusive pieces tailored to your taste and budget.

Why Choose Custom Design?

Custom design allows you personalized involvement in creating your special piece of jewelry. We work closely with you through every step, from initial design consultation where we gather inspiration and ideas, to collaboration on sketches and computer models until the final dazzling product is handcrafted and polished to perfection onsite by our experienced goldsmiths.

Creating fully custom jewelry with Regard Jewelry helps you save money by eliminating designer-to-retailer markups. Because our pieces are made exclusively for you on a made-to-order basis in our Austin, Texas workshop, we can focus purely on innovative design, quality craftsmanship and excellent value.

Our Step-by-Step Custom Jewelry Design Process

The custom design process with Regard Jewelry typically spans 4-6 weeks depending on complexity. Rush order services are also available for an additional fee.

  1. In-Depth Consultation - Meet face-to-face with our jewelry consultants to intimately discuss your vision including desired gems, metals and styling details. We highly encourage bringing tangible inspiration such as photos, sketches, heirloom jewelry or snippets from nature. Our team will query you with thoughtful questions to aid conceptualization and suggest gorgeous, creative options personalized to your unique taste.
  2. Collaborative Sketching & 3D Modeling - Work closely alongside our experienced design team as we transform abstract wishes into tangible sketches and photorealistic 3D computer models. We'll continuously refine the renderings until absolute satisfaction with the custom piece visualized.
  3. Casting & Wax Modeling - Next, an intricate wax model is shaped by hand based on approved designs. Using chosen metals, we expertly fabricate a high-quality casting of the jewelry to confirm perfect, comfortable form and fit.
  4. Meticulous Creation of Your One-of-a-Kind Original - Finally, our master jewelers hand select premium stones, meticulously set each gem and finish every faceted detail. The end result is your gorgeous branded masterpiece brought spectacularly to life.

Schedule a design consultation to start crafting your dream custom jewelry piece with Regard Jewelry!

Our talented designers can craft an abundance of one-of-a-kind jewelry. Below are some common custom pieces and details to spark your creativity.

Unique Custom Jewelry Design Possibilities

  • Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands - Matching bridal sets or distinct personalized styles for bride & groom.
  • Statement Anniversary Bands with Dazzling Gems - Milestone jewelry featuring gemstones associated with each year.
  • Heart-Fluttering Pendants & Necklaces - Romantic to bold custom pendants make wonderful sentimental gifts. Chains in every length/metal.
  • Cherishable Charm Bracelets - With birthstones for children or spaces between charms to memorialize memories.
  • Stunning Custom Earrings - Studs, danglies, hoops and more! For special occasions or daily wear.
  • Unique Pins & Vintage-Inspired Brooches – Define personal flair with custom lapel pins, hat pins, kilt pins and brooches.

We expertly set your choice of diamonds, vibrant gemstones or lustrous pearls into precious metals like platinum, gold, sterling silver and alternative metals. Modern, vintage, classic...showcase your unique personality through one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Finding Inspiration for Custom Jewelry Creations

Our ultimate goal is transforming dreams and inspiration into vivid wearable reality through jewelry. Successful designs develop from intimate exchanges where our jewelers provide expert guidance while you openly communicate everything sparking joy, symbolism or meaning.

Sources of inspiration may include:

  • Cherished heirloom jewelry ready for restoration or reimagining into modern heirlooms
  • Dazzling celebrity jewelry featured in magazines, movies or runway photos
  • Beautiful natural scenes like flowers, landscapes or gemstone textures
  • Symbols, shapes, colors and birthstones reflecting your uniqueness or loved ones
  • Abstract inspirations are also welcome. Think outside the box!

Frequently Asked Custom Jewelry Questions

How much does custom jewelry cost?

Our custom pieces span a wide pricing gamut depending on precious metals and incorporated stones. Because retail middlemen are not involved, our prices are extremely competitive. We craft designs within your budget that maximize perceived value and visual impact.

Can I have creative input throughout the process?

Your inspirations, feedback and preferences are crucial from first sketch to final product. We have clients view wax models, casting molds and finished pieces multiple times to provide adjustments ensuring absolute satisfaction.

How long does the typical custom jewelry design process take?

Depending on complexity, the complete process normally spans 4-6 weeks. We also offer expedited rush services for an additional fee.

Still have questions? Please contact us!

Proudly crafting stunning custom jewelry and providing expert repairs in Austin since 2002, we sincerely consider it a privilege to turn precious memories into wearable heirloom art. Please visit online or in person to begin your dream design today!

Custom Design