Gold Buying

Gold Buying



Time to clean out that jewelry box?

Regard Jewelry, will give you same-day money or store credit for your gold, platinum, silver and diamonds. Broken chains, single earrings, old bridal jewelry, Grandpa's cuff links - gather up whatever you're no longer wearing and bring them in for us to take a look.

We offer market rates.

What are your options?
• Sell us your jewelry for same-day cash or check
• You'll earn 25% more for your gold as a store credit good toward new jewelry or repairs
• Let us help you do a custom jewelry design working with what you have. Create yourself a brand new piece of unique jewelry that you love!

How does it work?
• We'll examine each piece and test the exact karat content while you watch
• We'll weigh the item
• We'll determine a price and you'll be paid or issued store credit the same day

Sometimes clients prefer to keep the gemstones in the piece while selling just the metal settings. If this is something you're interested in doing we'll carefully remove any loose diamonds or other gems while you watch. We'll return them to you and issue payment or store credit for the metal parts we buy.

We'll buy anything with precious metal value & more:
• Scrap Gold
• Silver
• Platinum
• Coins and Bullion
• Diamonds
• Fine Watches and Gems
• Even Dental Gold

Appointments aren't necessary but always welcome.