The Seaholm Watch Collection At Regard Jewelry in Austin, Texas

The SEAHOLM® Collection

OUR PRODUCT, OUR COMMITMENT.  We spent years developing the initial collection in partnership with the industry’s most esteemed watchmakers, White Brand Design, based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.  Every design decision emphasized the essential over the superfluous, bold and confident when it enhanced the functionality.  The result are watches that are clean, classic yet unexpected. SEAHOLM was born with the mission to exceed industry standards in every way. 

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We like guts . . . That's why we build automatic watches tough enough on the inside to withstand any adventure on the outside.

Designed for a life well-lived, SEAHOLM watches are meant to be bumped, scuffed and tested. Mountains, streams and oceans don’t care about watch industry standards, so we set standards of our own. Every SEAHOLM® Swiss Made automatic watch exceeds industry standards for shock resistant, water resistant and ante-magnetism.

Our Product, Our Word, Our Guarantee . . . We stand behind our products and offer a comprehensive 3-year transferable warranty and complimentary 5-year service on all SEAHOLM watches.  We measure service and repair time in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Our Origins

Founded in Austin, Texas by Todd Adams, a former executive at YETI,  the birth and development of SEAHOLM has been a truly global effort.  Our designers, engineers, and production facilities are located in four different countries spanning three continents.  Built in Switzerland, every SEAHOLM  automatic watch meets the exacting quality standards mandated by Swiss Law.

The Seaholm Watch Collection At Regard Jewelry in Austin, Texas